Business Registration for 1C:CRM

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The software “Business Registration for 1C: CRM. Basic” is designed to automate companies whose business is connected with registration, re-registration and liquidation of legal entities, and can be useful to end-users with a great number of legal entities (Holding companies and banks). The software allows you to form the full package of documents required for their submission to the Tax Inspection and to apply any user templates in WORD.

Relevance of Use

  • Automatic generation of the full package of registration documents for LLC (ООО), IB (individual businessman/entrepreneur) , CJSC (ZAO), JSC (OAO).
  • Centralized storage of archived documents by clients.
  • Centralized customer database.

As a result of the Business Registration for 1C: CRM use, the customer relationship manager saves not less than 27of their working time (in case of the repeated customer’s request, it is about 83%).

Main Features: 

  • Preparation of a package of documents required for registration/re-registration of the legal entity.
  • Generation of extra printing forms using arbitrary WORD templates.
  • Conduction of satisfaction surveys with possibility to import/download these data to the system.
  • Usе of 1C: CRM.


Attention! To scale up and increase a number of workplaces, you should purchase additional licenses.