1С:Enterprise 8. Trade Management and Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

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The software “1C: Enterprise 8. Trade Management and Customer Relationship Management” is designed for comprehensive automation of business processes, operational and management accounting, analysis and planning of trade operations, creation of efficient customer relationship mechanisms.

1C: Enterprise 8. Trade Management and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) can be useful for companies that try to run their business in accordance with the CRM conception:

  • companies of retail and wholesale trade;
  • design organizations;
  • organizations that offer care maintenance services;
  • service organizations;
  • dedicated trade subdivisions of manufacturing companies, etc.

1C: Enterprise 8. Trade Management and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) automates the following spheres of trade activity:

  • customer relationship management, consolidation, classification and segmentation of the client base;
  • business process management;
  • sales automation starting with the moment of the first client’s request;
  • order management;
  • sales management (including retail, wholesale and commission trade);
  • supply management;
  • sales and purchase planning;
  • inventory management;
  • marketing management, planning and marketing companies;
  • customer service management;
  • analysis of trade turnover, prices and pricing management;
  • advanced analysis of the client base;
  • joint analysis of mutual settlements, turnover and history of customer relationship;
  • monitoring and analysis of trading efficiency.

Main results of 1C: Enterprise 8. Trade Management and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) implementation:

  • risk minimization of client and transaction data loss when this information is transferred to employees and company’s subdivisions (departments of sales, purchase, warehouses, marketing, care maintenance, quality service, etc.);
  • segmentation of the client base allows you to notice promising clients and reduce time of ineffective negotiations;
  • your employees get more time to work with clients by improving the effectiveness of work with information and automation of routine operations;
  • reduction of service time per customer allows you to lower your overall costs of sales;
  • reduction of number and size of discount, upselling and cross selling allow you to achieve the maximum of work with every client and increase the value of transactions;
  • personal customer service (anniversaries, special offers and loyalty programs), quick provision of necessary information to the clients, accuracy and efficiency in work increase the level of customer loyalty and contributes to the stability and sales growth.

The flexibility and easy setup of the software helps to realise accounting functions: from keeping records in catalogs and input of source documents to generation of different analytical reports. The configuration allows you to run management accounting at the trading company as a whole. For the enterprise that has a holding structure all documents can be drawn up on behalf of several organizations within the holding.

We pay attention that the distribution package contains the book “CRM: Russian Practice of Effective Business” by Alexei Kudinov. The book provides guidance on the organization and management of CRM-system implementation projects, examples of successful use of CRM-technologies in the company. The book is based on long experience of CRM-system implementation in different companies.


Attention! To scale up and increase a number of workplaces, you should purchase additional licenses.