Functional description

  • The software product 1C: Retail 8 is designed to automate business processes of retail outlets (shops), both independently and within distributed retail network.

1C:Retail 8 

1C: Retail 8 automates registration of following operations

  • Goods arrival from suppliers to store's warehouses.
  • Sale of goods and services to customers.
  • Movement of goods between shops, warehouses, internal shop's stores, and commercial enterprise's warehouses.
  • Trading sets of goods created in both time of sale goods, and with pre-preparation set.
  • Return goods from customers, including a return after closing cash shift.
  • Inventory of stock.
  • Registration of credit and debit cash orders directly at shops.
  • Registration sales check, and at the end of a shift summary report on cash register, taking into account the returned goods in time of shift.
  • Transfer funds between shop's, store’s internal cash registers, cash registers and stores of commercial enterprise.
  • Work with acquiring systems, account payment for goods by credit cards, account of acquiring contracts and conditions of return / not return trade concessions by acquirer in return of goods, work with bank loans.
  • Use of interest discounts on discount cards (fixed and accumulative discounts), discount with division on shops, discount to counterparts, discounts for amount of check, discount on time, discount on quantity of goods, discount by type of payment.
  • Commercial equipment support: fiscal registers, data collection terminals, barcode scanners, electronic scales, customer displays, acquiring systems, magnetic card readers.

Integration with control system

Software 1C: Retail 8 designed to work in bundle with control system, for which used software 1C:Enterprise 8. Trade management. In this case, 1C: Retail 8 automates the front-office, and 1C:Enterprise 8. Trade Management automates back-office.


Functional description

1C:Retail 8 supports following main features:

  • Working with geographically distributed information bases (RIB). This provides clear separation of workflow on shops, and in the central node RIB consolidates information on all shopping network. With central node of RIB, you can quickly create a peripheral node.
  • Multi-firm accounting, where each store (sales area) can be assigned to a specific organization (firm).
  • Order scheme of goods movement, sales an income on store’s warehouses. Order scheme includes preliminary registration of goods list, which need to be shipped from or on warehouse, but actual operation with goods on warehouse registers by documents “Credit goods order” or “Debit goods order”.
  • Automation of accounting stock in warehouses of stores and accounting cash balances in shops.
  • Centralized control of retail prices for each store. At the same time it’s possible to give yourself right to adjust retail prices at shop, depending on its location and presence of competition.
  • Formation of price tags and labels.
  • Mechanisms for automatic detection VAT rate at time of sale goods from store's warehouse. The taxation system is set for each stock separately. At the time of sale goods, trading room (or storage), from which you want to sell goods, determined by the cash register and ordering group to which it (good) belongs to. This makes possible correct input of documents in stores, which use a mixed system of taxation.
  • Automated distribution of goods to stores. When goods received, operator can distribute supply by store's warehouses (trading rooms), depending on group of goods nomenclature.

Product’s composition

Software 1С:Retail 8 includes:

  • Distributions of platform and configuration
  • Documentation Set
  • Hardware protection key
  • Registration card with a license agreement
  • Mail envelope 1C and current edition of ITS


Features of licensing

Attention! To scale and expand the number workplaces you can purchase additional licenses.