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Personnel — the most valuable resource of every company. And as with any resource, it requires accounting and efficient management. Enterprise efficiency largely depends on the hiring process. Skilled, proactive and loyal staff are able to significantly enhance the performance and competitiveness of any company.

Data management of hundreds or thousands of employees, selection and training of staff, test development for qualification of production and managerial staff is labor-intensive. Using specialized software enables companies to reduce the time required to process large amounts of information and the ensuing data analysis enables management to effectively plan and implement personnel policies.

1C has developed a modern automation tool for HR management in accordance with legislative requirements for all business The name of this tool is

Where "1С:Payroll and HR 8" fits in the overall system of enterprise management

Due to the differences in the needs of companies of various sizes, the company "1C"has three software products with different functional content and complexity

1C:Payroll and HR 8. Basic version — product for a small business, which enables full automation of management personnel records, payroll and calculation of taxes and assessments in accordance with legislative requirements.

1C:Payroll and HR 8. PROF — enables the management of personnel records and payroll for companies with complex organization and automates the basic functions of personnel management (recruitment, training, motivation).

1C:Payroll and HR 8. CORP — complete solution for automating all tasks of personnel management in medium and large enterprises, for which the effective management of human resources is a prerequisite for success in the market. The product solves the problems of implementing personnel policies and provides a comprehensive, real time assessment of staff to enable management to make informed decisions about personnel development and training needs.


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1C:Payroll and HR 8 supports all core processes of HR management as well as processes of personnel records, payroll, tax calculation, ministerial report generation, wage expense planning by taking into account legal requirements, actual business practice and future global trends in approaches to personnel management.

Safety features of 1C:Payroll and HR 8 meet the requirements of Federal law 27.07.2006 № 152-ФЗ "О защите персональных данных" ("About personal data protection"). The software can detect attempts to view personal data in particular, access and denial of access to personal data, including information about user, to which this attempt was connected.

Flexible and easy to use forms allow you to prepare complete and accurate reports in a variety of analytical profiles for different user categories: management, HR, personnel management and other services.