1C:Manufacturing Enterprise Management (ERP Solution)

1C: ERP (Manufacturing Enterprise Management) is a business solution involving main modules for Enterprise Resource Planning. Solution allows create comprehensive information system according to corporate, Russian and International standards.

Business solution creates common information space for financial reporting involving main business processes. At the same time stored data access and possible actions are differentiated according to workers’ status.

At the enterprises of holding structure the general information base can cover all organizations entering into holding. This significantly reduces the complexity of accounting due to re-use by different organizations shared data files. At the same time for all organizations maintained management and regulated accounting (bookkeeping and tax accounting), but regulated reporting is formed separately for organizations.

Fact of a business transaction recorded only once and reflected in the administrative and regulated accounting. Necessity of data re-enter is excluded. Means of registration business transaction is a document, and for work speed up commonly used mechanisms of substitution data by default, inputting new documents based on previously inputted.

In the application solution adopted this ratio of various counts

  • Independence of management accounting, bookkeeping and tax accounting data
  • Comparability of management accounting, bookkeeping and tax accounting data
  • Agreement of accrued and quantitative evaluations of assets and commitments according to management accounting, bookkeeping and tax accounting, in absence of objective reasons for their differences

Information entered by users, operatively controlled by application solutions. For example, when registering payment of cash system will check availability of funds within existing applications on their consumption. And during registration of goods shipment system will check status of settlements with cargo consignee.

Application solution supplied with kit of interfaces that allows each user to receive priority access to necessary data and mechanisms of application solution.

Regulated (bookkeeping and tax accounting) accounting by organization conducts in a national currency, while for management accounting on the whole enterprise can be selected any currency. Different organizations of unified database can use different tax systems: in some organizations — total tax system, in others — simplified, can be used different policy settings of tax accounting and bookkeeping. In addition, to specific activities of organization can be applied a unified tax on imputed income as tax system.

In addition to management accounting and regulated accounting, accounting can be conducted by international financial reporting standards (IFRS). To reduce complexity, accounting by IFRS conducted non-operational, using translation (conversion) data from other types of accounting.

When developing solutions 1C:Manufacturing Enterprise 8 taken into account both modern international methods of enterprise management (MRP II, CRM, SCM, ERP, ERP II, etc.), and experience of successful automation of industrial enterprises gained by 1C and partner community. In design and development of the configuration were involved specialists from companies ITRP (production management). On methodological issues in implementation management accounting, financial accounting and forming reporting under IFRS consulting support provides world-renowned audit and consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Solution 1C: Manufacturing Enterprise Management 8” developed at modern technology platform 1C: Enterprise 8”. The delivery package of software, in addition to the platform includes configuration Manufacturing Enterprise Management.

High reliability and performance of application solutions, scalability, construction of geographically distributed systems and integration with other information systems solution provides. Internal structure of application solution is fully open to learning and adjustment for specific needs of enterprise.

1C modify and develop the configuration of Manufacturing Enterprise Management in order to reflect changes in legislation and enhance functionality. Operative update of installed application solutions provided. 1C and its partners offer multi-tiered technical support system.

1C: Manufacturing Enterprise Management 8- is the flagship application solution of 1C, which includes the widest range of functionality. Main solution concept illustrated by scheme.

Main solution concept

All mechanisms of application solution automation can be divided into two broad classes

  • Mechanisms for maintaining operations of the company
  • Mechanisms for conducting non-operational accounting

Sites belonging to operating activities can be identified in each type of accounting (except for IFRS accounting).

In addition, application solution is divided into individual subsystems, responsible for solving groups of similar tasks: a subsystem of cash management, personnel management subsystem, bookkeeping subsystem, etc. This division represents a certain arbitrariness, which makes easier development of application solution. In current users work the boundaries between the subsystems practically not perceived.

Last edition of configuration Manufacturing Enterprise Management, which given the number 1.3, vividly demonstrates benefits of the new version 8.2 of the platform 1C:Enterprise. Configuration can be used in mode of normal application, familiar to users of previous versions.

1C: Manufacturing Enterprise Management 8 can be used in number of departments and services of manufacturing enterprises, including

  • Directorate (CEO, CFO, Commercial Director, Manufacturing Director, Chief Engineer, Director of Human Resources, Director by IT, Director of Development)
  • Planning and economic department
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Production and dispatch department
  • Chief Designer’s division
  • Chief Technologist's division
  • Chief Mechanic's division
  • Sales department
  • Logistical department (supply)
  • Marketing department
  •  Storage of materials and finished products
  • Accounting department
  • Human resources department
  • Labour and employment department
  •  IT-service
  • Maintenance department
  • Department of capital construction
  •  Information and analysis department
  • Department of strategic development

It is expected that the most effective implementation of application solution will be gained on enterprises with number of personnel from several dozen to several thousand people who have dozens or hundreds of workstations, as well as holding and network structures.

1C: Manufacturing Enterprise Management 8 provides

  • Management of the company and its managers responsible for business development — opportunities for analysis, planning and flexible management of the company resources to increase its competitiveness.
  • Officers of departments, managers and employees directly involved in the production, distribution, procurement and other activities to ensure the production process — tools to enhance the efficiency of daily work in their areas.
  • Employees of company's accounting services — means for automated accounting in full accordance with legal requirements and corporate standards of the enterprise.

Manufacturing enterprises interested in 1C company’s recommendations for choice a partner for the product implementation 1C: Enterprise 8. Manufacturing Enterprise Management, may apply to 1C company on e-mail:  eugen.verna@gmail.com