1C:Enterprise 8. Restaurant

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The software “1C: Enterprise 8. Restaurant” is developed to automate processes of customer service (front-office) at enterprises of catering and hospitality industry.

1C: Enterprise 8. Restaurant allows you to automate:

  • Single or chain restaurants, bars and cafes with waiter service;
  • Single or chain quick service restaurants (fast-food, fast-casual);
  • Canteens and buffets at enterprises or food production facilities;
  • School cafeterias and buffets;
  • Any catering establishments offering the following service:
    • without any advance orders (fast sale);
    • postponed orders (a classical restaurant);
    • with mixed schemes of service.

1C: Enterprise 8. Restaurant allows you to automate workplaces of:

  • A cashier;
  • A waiter;
  • A barman;
  • A barkeeper;
  • A hostess;
  • An administrator (a Maitre d')

The software “1C: Enterprise 8. Restaurant” allows you to solve the following tasks:

  • Sakes accounting;
  • Improvement of quality and service rate;
  • Monitoring of staff’s actions;
  • Reduction of errors while working with clients (human factor);
  • Centralized management of the menu and price-list;
  • Improvement of customer loyalty;
  • Analytical reports.

1C: Enterprise 8. Restaurant is a solution of front-end type. It can be used both with and without the back-office whose role can be performed by 1C: Enterprise 8. Catering.

1C: Enterprise 8.2 is used as a platform. It helps manage and customize the system according to the needs of any enterprise.


Important! To scale up and increase a number of workplaces, you should purchase additional licenses.