1C:Enterprise 8. Manufacturing Enterprise Management

The software “1C: Enterprise 8. Manufacturing Enterprise management” allows you to automate all subdivisions and accounting units of the manufacturing enterprise according to the Russian and international standards. The highest effect is achieved when 1C: Enterprise 8. Manufacturing Enterprise management is implemented in holding companies and network structures.

The creation of the integrated information space at manufacturing enterprises allows you to cover business-processes of all subdivisions, subsidiaries, branches, etc. It provides tremendous opportunities for analysis, planning and resource management in the company (Company group) to increase its competitiveness.

Operating Activity

The implementation of 1C: Enterprise 8. Manufacturing Enterprise Management allows you to automate accounting processes of the following services and units: 

  • Front Office (CEO, Chief Financial Officer, Commercial Director, Director of Production, Chief Engineer, HR Director, IT Director, Director of Development);
  • Planning and Economic Affairs Department;
  • Production Departments;
  • Production and Dispatch Department;
  • Office of the Chief Designer;
  • Office of the Chief Technologist;
  • Workshop of  the Chief Mechanic
  • Sales Department;
  • Department of Material and Technical Support;
  • Marketing Department;
  • Store Supply and Finished Goods Warehouses;
  • Accounting Department;
  • HR department;
  • Department of Labour and Employment
  • IT Department;
  • Administrative Maintenance Department;
  • Department of Capital Construction;
  • Information and Analysis Department;
  • Department of Strategic Development.

The software “1C: Enterprise 8. Manufacturing Enterprise Management” is divided into separate subsystems, which are responsible for solution of similar tasks: Finance Management Subsystem, HR Management Subsystem, Financial Accounting Subsystem, etc. This subdivision is a certain convention that lightens the assimilation of the application.

1C: Enterprise 8. Manufacturing Enterprise Management allows you to improve and optimize the production:

  • to reduce downtime of equipment and highly qualified specialists;
  • to reduce time needed to execute orders;
  • to avoid the frustration of sales due to an overload of productive resources;
  • to optimize the flow of materials and storage balances;
  • to make the production process transparent and manageable;
  • to reduce production costs;
  • to improve the quality of products.

1C: Enterprise 8. Manufacturing Enterprise Management increases the capital turnover. It allows you to manage your investments, control expenses and significantly improve the overall manageability of the entire business as well as its competitiveness.


Important! To scale up and increase a number of workplaces, you should purchase additional licenses.