Privacy policy

A privacy of the personal information (further is Politics) policy operates in regard to all information that firm "" (further is Company), can get about an user during the use to them any of web-sites, services, services, programs and products of Company (further are Services, Services of Company). The consent of user to the grant of the personal information, given to them in accordance with the real Politics within the framework of relationships with one of the persons included in Company, spreads to all persons included in Company. The use of Services of Company means the unreserved consent of user with the real Politics and terms of treatment of his personal information indicated in her; in case of disagreement with these terms an user must restrain from the use of Services.

1. Personal information of Users, that is processed by Company

1.1. Within the framework of the real Politics under the "personal information of User" understood:

1.1.1. Personal information that User gives about itself independently during registration (creation of registration record) or in the process of the use of Services, including the personal data of User.

1.1.2. Data that is automatically passed to Services of Company in the process of their use by means of the User of software set on a device, including IP- address, data of files of cookie, information about the browser of User (or to another program by means of that access comes true to Services), technical descriptions of the equipment and software, used by User, date and access to Services, address of ascable pages time and another similar information.

1.2. The real Politics of Company is applicable only to the information processed during the use of Services. A company does not control and does not bear responsibility for treatment of information the web-sites of the third persons, on that User can go across on references accessible on web-sites Companies.

1.3. A company unchecks authenticity of the personal information given by User, and does not have the opportunity to estimate his capability. However, Company comes from that an user gives the reliable and sufficient personal information and supports this information in the actual state.

2. Aims of treatment of the personal information of Users

2.1. A company collects and keeps the that personal information that is needed for the grant of services or execution of agreements and agreements with User only.

2.2. The personal information of User Company processes in next aims:

2.2.1. Authentication of side within the framework of acceding and agreements to Company;

2.2.2. Grant to User of the personalized Services;

2.2.3. Connection with User, including direction of notifications, queries and information, touching the use of Services, execution of agreements and agreements, and also inquiry and requests processing from User;

2.2.4. Improvement of quality of Services, comfort of their use, development of new Services  and services;

2.2.5. Таргетирование of selling aids;

2.2.6. Realization statistical and another researches on the basis of the depersonalized data.

3.1. A company keeps the personal information of Users in accordance with internal regulations of certain services.

3.2. In regard to the personal information of User her confidentiality is saved, except the cases of voluntarily grant by User of information about itself for general access to the unlimited circle of persons. At the use of separate services, User accedes to that certain part of his personal information becomes popular.

3.3. A company is right to pass to the personal information of User the third persons in next cases:

3.3.1. An user expressed a consent to such actions;

3.3.2. A transmission is needed for the use by User of certain Service or for doing service to User;

3.3.3. A transmission is envisaged by the current legislation of Ukraine within the framework of the procedure set by a legislation;

3.3.4. Such transmission takes place within the framework of sale or another transmission of business (fully or in part), here to приобретателю all obligations pass under the observance of terms of the real Politics as it applies to the personal information got to them;

3.3.5. As a result of treatment of the personal information of User by her depersonalization the depersonalized statistical data, that is passed to the third person for realization of researches, implementation of works or providing of services on the instructions of Company, are got.

3.4. At processing of the personal data of Users Company follows Law of Ukraine "On the personal data".

4. Treatment of the personal information through the files of Cookie and meters

4.1. The files of cookie transferrable Company to the equipment of User and by the equipment of User of Company can be used by Company for a grant to User of the personalized services, for таргетирования of advertisement that is shown to User, in statistical and research aims, and also for the improvement of Services.

4.2. An user realizes that the equipment and software, used to them for the visit of web-sites in a network the internet can possess the function of prohibition of operations with the files of cookie (for any web-sites or for certain web-sites), and also moving away of the before got files of cookie.

4.3. A company is right to set that the grant of certain Services is possible only on condition that a reception and receipt of files of cookie are settled by User.

4.4. The structure of file of cookie, his maintenance and technical parameters, is determined by Company and can change without the advance notice of User.

4.5. The meters placed by Company can be used for the analysis of files of cookie User, for collection and treatment of statistical information about the use of services, and also for providing of capacity of services on the whole or their separate functions in particular. The technical parameters of work of meters are determined by Company and can change without the advance notice of User.

5. Measures applied for defence of the personal information of User

5.1.A company accepts necessary and sufficient organizational and technical measures for protecting of the personal information of User from illegal or casual access, elimination, change, blocking, printing-down, distribution, and also from another wrong acts with her the third persons.

6. Change of privacy Policy. Applicable legislation

6.1. A company has a right to make alteration in the real privacy Policy. At making alteration the date of the last updating is named in an actual release. The new release of Politics inures from the moment of her placing, if another is not envisaged by the new release of Politics.

6.2. To the real Politics and relations between User and Company, arising up in connection with application of privacy Policy, a right for Ukraine is subject to application.

Date of publication : 23.11.2015