Price (Mob Apps)

The cost of mobile app development

The cost of mobile app depends on the complexity of implementation for Android, Iphone, Ipad, Windows Phone. In turn, a number of factors affect the final cost of a mobile app:

  ▶ Complexity. Terms of Reference previously created for an accurate assessment of time required for the development of applications, including the mobile app prototype
  ▶ Functional mobile apps, respectively, the more complex, the higher the cost
  ▶ Integration with existing automation system
  ▶ Compliance with the publication on the App Store, Google Play. On the App Store, all mobile apps pass strict moderation, if the application does not comply with at least one item, it does not allow for the placement

Price (05.04.2016):

Counseling free
Providing DEMO-version free
  • Design version
  • Developing and compiling modules
of $30
  • Testing
Synchronization with 1C of $30
Synchronization with cloud of $45
Translation into another language of $25
Dissemination and publication (1c language) $25 Google
$50 Apple
  • additional language publication
  • Company planning
of $30
  • Preparation of materials
of $60
  • Advertise
of $35
  • Company management
$20 / month
  • Accountability
of $10


  • Update
of $20
  • Editing shape
  • Import/eksport dannykh
    Import / export data
of $25
  • Lichnyy menedzher
    Personal manager
of $20 / month
Dorabotki dlya novykh versiy
Refinements for the new version
  • addition of a new accounting object (page / form elements)
of $5
  • editing forms
of $10
  • compiling a new version

* Payment is made in UAH according to NBU rate on the payment date

The process of creating an app consists of several stages. Timing for each step may vary depending on the complexity for each case specifically.

  Timeline for implementation:

  1. Valuation (1-3 hours)
  2. The terms of reference in writing if it is not provided by the customer (3-5 days)
  3. Development (1-30 days)
  4. Publish to Google (4 hours)
  5. Publication in the iOS (7 days)

Company «» offers you to order development of any complexity for a mobile app. We not only help you create high-quality, modern apps, but we will keep it for a long time, solving maintenance tasks, updates, and advertising.

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