Mobile apps-rules

Version 1.0 (01.09.2015)

1. Тerms

Company  — firm
Rules - mobile apps - rules
App, resource —  Mobile apps
Administration — employees of the Company, as well as persons authorized by the companies in the management of resources and the provision of services to users, in the framework of using the latest mobile application.
Services — a set of programs, data bases for the operation of Resources as well as a set of services to Users using mobile apps.
User — any natural person over 16 years of using Resources.
Registered user — User that has passed the registration procedure.
Login — User alias selected during registration and used them during the use of the Apps. It is prohibited to register and use multiple Login with the same User.
Password — character combination chosen by the User independently and provides in conjunction with the Login authentication using its Resources.
Privacy policy - conditions of the Company (Administration) with confidential information. The current version is available at:

2. General provisions

Is current Rules govern the use of Application, as well as the relationship arising from the use of Apps and Services for Users. The Company does not guarantee the availability of Apps and Services around the clock. The Company has the right at any time to refuse any User, including the User in the use of Apps and Services in violation of the Rules.

You are responsible for observance of the rights (tangible and intangible) of third parties on the information transmitted (provided) Administration or third parties when using Apps and Services. Members assess for themselves the legitimacy of the use of Apps and Services, including in terms of the current legislation of Ukraine.

In addition to these Rules, the procedure for the provision of services by the Company is determined by the rules of confidentiality.

3. Responsibility of Users

Users are responsible for their actions / omissions of using Resources and Services.

Users guarantee that the use of Resources and Services, will be carried out in a manner that will not violate the rights of third parties.

Users guarantee that they have full rights to use the materials placed by them in the App.

Users undertake to comply with these Rules.

In violation of the rights of Users Administration reserves the right to temporarily restrict access to the Visitor Services (temporary ban), and in the event of a serious and / or repeated violations of the right to refuse access to the Service (permanent ban).

4. Special conditions

The Company does not guarantee that the software server and Aapp is error-free or will operate without interruption.

The Company is not responsible for loss or other damage incurred by the User due to the actions of third parties.

The Company reserves the right to remove from its servers any information or materials that the Company believes, are unacceptable, undesirable, or in violation of these Terms.

The Company does not control the information, services and products that are in, or offered through the Internet. Consequently, the User accepts the condition, according to which all goods, information and services offered or available through the Service or on the Internet (except those expressly designated as the Company provides itself), are provided by third parties who are not connected with the Company. The User assumes full responsibility and risk for use of the Services, and the Internet. The Company makes no warranty for any goods, services and information provided through the Services or through the Internet at all. The Company will not be liable for any costs or damages directly or indirectly resulting from such supplies of works / services.

User accepts the condition that he accepts the responsibility to evaluate the accuracy, completeness and suitability of all opinions, assessments, services and other information, the quality and features of the goods offered by the Service or the Internet in general.

5. Entry into force and the procedure for amending this Rules

The rules and any changes thereto shall come into force upon their publication. Changes in the Rules may be amended at any time.