IT News

26.05.2022 19:04 Facebook owner Meta updates its privacy policy
But the company says the changes don’t allow Meta to collect, use or share your data in new ways

27.05.2022 04:08 Jessica Ennis-Hill: Why I now train around my period
Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill launches an app giving women exercises according to their menstrual cycle.

26.05.2022 17:09 Google probed by competition watchdog over ad dominance
The Competition and Markets Authority launches an investigation into Google's advertising practices.

25.05.2022 19:51 Dyson working on home robots
The company is setting up a major robotics research centre in the UK.

25.05.2022 17:32 Female avatar sexually assaulted in Meta VR platform, campaigners say
Campaigners join calls by some Meta shareholders for an assessment of on potential harms users face.

26.05.2022 18:56 Tether device aims to detect risky routes for cyclists
The Tether box collects data of cars passing too close to cyclists, creating a map of hazardous areas.

25.05.2022 20:04 Newport Wafer Fab: Chinese buyout of UK's biggest chip plant to be reviewed
The UK government says it will make a national security assessment of the sale of Newport Wafer Fab.

24.05.2022 02:59 Cryptocrash: ‘I was arrested for knocking on Luna boss's door'
A man says he lost millions, and then was arrested for trying to talk to crypto boss Do Kwon.

24.05.2022 02:42 Airbnb to quit China as lockdowns restrict tourism
Stays in China made up only 1% of Airbnb's revenue for the last few years, a source said.

23.05.2022 15:19 Clearview AI fined in UK for illegally storing facial images
The facial recognition database firm must pay more than £7.5m and delete data it holds of UK residents.

23.05.2022 02:05 The sci-fi technology tackling malarial mosquitos
Gene drive development makes a genetically modified gene that spreads widely within populations.

21.05.2022 02:29 Formula milk: Online groups hunt for baby milk during US shortage
A shortage of infant formula across America has led parents to share supply locations online.

20.05.2022 19:24 WhatsApp to launch customer-business chat feature
Cloud-based software will offer more personalised business using the popular messaging app.

20.05.2022 14:45 Canada to ban China's Huawei and ZTE from its 5G networks
The UK, US, Australia and New Zealand have also barred the Chinese telecoms equipment makers.

20.05.2022 06:10 Cyber security: Global food supply chain at risk from malicious hackers
The growth of "smart" farm machinery is increasing the risk of hacking of food and farming systems.

19.05.2022 23:08 Twitter steps up Ukraine misinformation fight
The social media platform says it will put false claims from official accounts behind warning notices.

19.05.2022 22:11 Subsea internet cables could help detect earthquakes
Optical-fibre cables could spot tsunamis or the effect of climate change on currents, researchers say.

18.05.2022 18:17 President Rodrigo Chaves says Costa Rica is at war with Conti hackers
The Conti cartel, which is thought to be run from Russia, has upped its ransom demand to $20m (£16m).

19.05.2022 00:18 Buffalo shooting: NY probes 'bone-chilling' social media role
Prosecutors will ask whether social platforms were "used to stream, promote, or plan" the murders.

18.05.2022 16:34 Netflix cuts 150 US-based jobs after losing subscribers
The US streaming giant is forced to lay off staff to minimise cost of viewers quitting the service.

17.05.2022 12:13 New app to help spot online spies
MI5 backs a new app to help people spot online approaches by foreign spies in disguise.

18.05.2022 02:05 How Gen Z is hooked on cryptocurrency and NFTs
A growing number of young people are getting into crypto trading - despite the risks.

17.05.2022 07:08 US warns over risk of hiring North Korea IT workers
The remote workers allegedly aim to help fund Pyongyang's advanced weapons programmes.

16.05.2022 18:00 Europeans' data shared 376 times daily in advertising sales, report says
A new report, based on industry figures, shows how often web users' data is shared during ad sales.

14.05.2022 03:00 Asteroid mining: Helping to meet Earth's natural resource demands
With Earth's natural resources running out, people are looking to mineral-rich asteroids to meet demand.

17.05.2022 20:26 Social platforms' Buffalo shooting response called inadequate
Campaigners accuse technology companies of failing to block and remove content posted by the attacker.

12.05.2022 19:02 Meta being sued by ex-Facebook content moderator
The man worked in Kenya, and says he was paid under £2 an hour to review posts including beheadings.

17.05.2022 18:14 Elon Musk warns Twitter deal stuck without fake account proof
The deal to buy Twitter can't "move forward" without proof of spam account numbers, Mr Musk says.

12.05.2022 17:38 Crypto crash: Stablecoin collapse sends tokens tumbling
The sudden demise of TerraUSD sends other crypto coins into a downward spiral.

12.05.2022 02:31 Royal Mail wants fleet of 500 drones to carry mail to remote UK communities
Fifty drone routes could bring mail to remote communities such as the Hebrides and Isles of Scilly.

12.04.2022 14:30 Electric hydroplane boat: ‘It feels like we’re flying’
With the hull out of the water, the craft uses 80% less power than a boat would conventionally need.

27.05.2022 02:01 The 22-year-old 3D-printing schools
Maggie Grout has started an NGO that will 3D-print schools where access to education is not guaranteed.

26.05.2022 18:59 How graphene and algae could help build space habitats
Scientists are researching how people might construct homes to live on other planets.

25.05.2022 21:02 Robot developed that’s smaller than a flea
Researchers at Northwestern University in the United States have created robots less than 1mm big.

16.05.2022 12:54 'I've got bass in a backpack': VR revives 1989 rave culture
The In Pursuit of Repetitive Beats exhibition shows visitors what the acid-house scene was like.

27.05.2022 02:06 Soaring fertiliser prices force farmers to rethink
Research into replacements for nitrogen-based fertilisers has been spurred by high prices and climate concerns.

24.05.2022 13:45 Could hydrogen ease Germany's reliance on Russian gas?
Why hydrogen might be one route for Germany to move away from dependence on Russian imports.

20.05.2022 02:03 Could contact lenses be the ultimate computer screen?
Firms are developing smart contact lenses that can project data in front of the user's eye.

17.05.2022 02:05 Will swapping out electric car batteries catch on?
One Chinese carmaker has plans for thousands of stations in Europe where you can switch batteries.

16.05.2022 02:02 The new jet set - why private plane usage has soared
The pandemic led to more people using private jets, but is the increase set to continue?

13.05.2022 02:06 Why the volatile price of aluminium matters
From door frames to aircraft and food packaging - how soaring prices will impact the world economy.

10.05.2022 02:05 Why India's poorest children are falling further behind
Lack of access to smartphones and computers is widening the education gulf in India.

09.05.2022 01:49 Is it fair for fantasy football managers to rely on AI?
Some managers think artificial intelligence helps remove their bias but others think it's cheating.

04.05.2022 04:10 £5m Virtual Reality centre launches in Portsmouth
The university centre received more than £3m in government funding to help businesses create VR.

06.05.2022 02:01 Why one firm is banking on carbon fibre bikes in Europe
Europe's bike firms want to source more components closer to home, including carbon fibre frames.