IT News

02.12.2021 02:02 Cryptocurrency executives to be questioned in Congress
Washington is joining other governments in scrutinising the rapidly expanding sector more closely.

01.12.2021 21:49 Match settles legal fight with Tinder founders for $441m
Dating app Tinder's founders claimed in court that Match had undervalued the firm by $10bn in 2017.

01.12.2021 16:54 Microsoft Edge buy now pay later scheme met with criticism
Its Edge browser has added a credit scheme - which users have labelled as "exploitative".

01.12.2021 15:57 Twitch unleashes AI tool to spot banned users
Twitch's suspicious-user detection system uses machine learning to spot those trying to evade bans.

01.12.2021 19:57 Facebook reverses Kyle Rittenhouse policy
The company had blocked searches for the US teen - and removed praise and support for him

01.12.2021 18:03 Scientists claim big advance in using DNA to store data
Scientists say they have made a major step forward in storing information in molecules of DNA.

30.11.2021 22:49 Twitter will remove images tweeted without consent
Images or videos of private individuals posted without consent could be removed for violating rules.

01.12.2021 05:53 Elon Musk jokes about whistleblowers with new Tesla product
In recent months, Tesla has faced lawsuits over alleged sexual harassment and racist abuse.

01.12.2021 12:02 UK's fastest broadband found in Swansea street
Residents can, according to website, download a two-hour film in 47 seconds.

30.11.2021 16:10 UK competition watchdog orders Meta to sell Giphy
The CMA rules Facebook's purchase of the vast Gif database unfair to competing social-media platforms.

30.11.2021 05:48 Jack Dorsey: What's next for Twitter's co-founder?
The last time the tech visionary left Twitter, he set up another company now worth $100bn.

30.11.2021 13:02 E-scooters in London: Met Police warn retailers not to exploit customers at Christmas
Thousands of e-scooters ridden illegally have been seized by police in London so far this year.

30.11.2021 12:40 Parag Agrawal: India celebrates new Twitter CEO
Parag Agrawal's appointment has made headlines in India where Twitter has over 30 million users.

27.11.2021 13:22 What is artificial intelligence and why is it important?
Many recent big advances in tech have one key thing at the heart of then: artificial intelligence.

27.11.2021 13:22 What are algorithms and how do they work?
A huge amount of our lives is influenced by algorithms. Here's how they work.

27.11.2021 13:24 What are quantum computers and what are they used for?
Companies around the world are racing to create a new generation of computers.

27.11.2021 13:26 Bitcoin: What are crypto-currencies?
Fans of crypto-currencies say they are the future of money - but at what cost?

27.11.2021 13:25 How do you turn off the internet?
How easy would it be for a government to block one of the biggest sources of news and information?

01.12.2021 12:59 Why Mars-bound astronauts may go to Iceland first
With a similar landscape to other worlds, it could aid research into extra-terrestrial missions.

01.12.2021 02:07 Duolingo boss: 'Develop your social skills'
Luis von Ahn, co-founder and CEO of language-learning app Duolingo, shares his business advice.

28.11.2021 02:04 ‘I’m blind but technology helps me animate’
Elodie Bateson, 11, from Limavady who is blind has become an expert at making short animated movies.

26.11.2021 21:26 'World's fastest' all-electric plane and other tech news
LJ Rich looks at the best of the week's technology news stories.

22.11.2021 13:19 Will printable solar cells reshape buildings?
Lara Lewington visits the labs which have some of the latest innovations in solar energy.

30.11.2021 02:22 Why broken African phones are shipped to Europe
A lack of recycling facilities in Africa has spurred one Dutch company to import broken phones.

23.11.2021 02:06 Can South Africa embrace renewable energy from the sun?
South Africa's main electricity company Eskom plans to switch from using coal to renewable energy.

22.11.2021 02:09 The 99-year-old cyclist who has won a world silver medal
How a former World War Two pilot came second in a cycling competition for older people.

19.11.2021 04:20 The small nuclear power plants billed as an energy fix
A host of firms are developing mini nuclear reactors but questions remain over safety and costs.

18.11.2021 02:05 The mums using Instagram to offer advice to new parents
Covid has led to an increase in parenting gurus using social media to support new mums and dads.