IT News

20.01.2021 22:34 Social media giants grilled on hate content
Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and TikTok asked about their role in the recent violent events in Washington.

20.01.2021 14:31 Online shoppers warned about hidden price rises
The UK’s competition watchdog launches an investigation into the technology used by online marketplaces.

20.01.2021 16:25 Home-school: Can you get a free laptop or cheaper broadband?
What help is there if you're trying to home-school your children without devices or data?

20.01.2021 20:36 PS5: Restock of new PlayStations causes chaos online
Experts say automated bots are buying up the stock for resale.

20.01.2021 14:13 Lockdown: Vodafone will not offer free access to BBC Bitesize
The company says it is not possible to ring-fence the education resource from other BBC content.

20.01.2021 15:10 Ex-Google engineer among those pardoned by Donald Trump
Anthony Levandowski won backing from some high-profile Silicon Valley entrepreneurs.

20.01.2021 14:46 Thumb injury forces top gamer to retire at 25
Call of Duty gamer Thomas 'ZooMaa' Paparatto says he's stepping back from professional gaming.

20.01.2021 00:31 Netflix: Four things which have driven its success
The streaming firm, which has been boosted by Covid, now has more than 200 million subscribers.

19.01.2021 14:58 Mobile networks to make Oak lessons site data-free
The Oak National Academy provides educational resources for pupils in England learning from home.

19.01.2021 17:14 E-scooters must follow rules of road 'same as bus'
A woman banned from the roads for drink-driving an e-scooter is told the same rules and penalties apply.

19.01.2021 15:42 Health secretary self-isolating after Covid app alert
Matt Hancock says he will stay at home and urged others to do the same if "pinged" by the app.

19.01.2021 15:31 CES 2021: Smart sport kit put to the test
Can a virtual reality cricket bat and bluetooth-connected baseball improve your form?

21.01.2021 02:15 Joe believes playing video games helps his mental health
Many argue the positives outweigh the negatives when it comes to gaming and mental health

18.01.2021 02:04 Racism in education: How 'truth pages' helped students fight back
'Truth pages', where students share their experiences of racism, have been on appearing on social media since the killing of George Floyd.

15.01.2021 02:03 Johan 'N0tail' Sundstein: Inside the world's richest e-sports player's mansion
Johan "N0tail" Sundstein has earned more than $7.4m (£5.4m) in prize money to date.

16.01.2021 15:56 CES: Tech to control your devices remotely
Omar Mehtab tries a wristband that allows you to control your laptop and a smart fitness ring.

15.01.2021 16:49 CES: Smart dog flaps and home robots
BBC Click's LJ Rich looks at some of the tech debuted at the technology expo.

19.01.2021 02:10 How to investigate a firm with 60 million documents
Artificial intelligence helped investigators in a daunting examination of Airbus's business.

17.01.2021 02:25 Are women let down by period trackers?
Millions of women use apps to track their menstrual cycle, but many say they do not work well enough.

18.01.2021 02:42 A wristband that tells your boss if you are unhappy
Technology to help our mental wellbeing has grown in popularity during the coronavirus lockdowns.

15.01.2021 02:05 Protecting fragile ecosystems from lithium mining
More lithium is needed to supply the electric car market, but can it be produced in a sustainable way?

12.01.2021 05:53 Silencing Trump: How 'big tech' is taking Trumpism offline
Within days tech giants have moved to "deplatform" the president and some of his supporters.