IT Services and Software Maintenance


  Introduction and development

  - development of IT of structure of enterprise in accordance
  with  by business-requirements
  - introduction of informative NT
  - maintenance of IT of projects

Automation of business processes

- time-saving and effective use of resources
- communication networks allow to coordinate the prosecution of large projects and provide coordination of knots of infrastructure (that is important, in particular, in those cases, when at Your company of some geographically remote offices or another commercial objects)
- measures on defence of information will allow to remain quiet you for data presenting a commercial secret


 Possibilities of IT of services

 - IT of service give an opportunity to find a that
 decision,  that most answers the tasks of enterprise,
 to inculcate him, teach users to organize  support
 - System CRM, HRM, Workflow, SCMи Project
 Management are basis modern informative
 environments of enterprise and allow to obtain 
 to stability  of work of company and minimization
 risks in particular, arising up from human factor

IT the services given by our company allow

- cut down expenses to IT and to do their predictable and easily planned
- optimize working processes, accelerating most conservative operations
- promote reliability of work of your company
- protect your information from a damage and undesirable distribution
- help with the choice of optimal chart of setting of legal POE and minimization of expenses on his introduction


 List of the works conducted by us

 - primary IT- audit
 - permanent control of the state a network,
 server equipment, computers
 - accompaniment / renewal of set
 operating systems and equipment
 - modernisation and sectional repair computer
 technique, networks (without the cost of awaiting-parts)
 - decision of questions with the third companies, such
 as, service providers the Internet, services, sale
 - remote administration and technical
 - accounting about the done work (1 month,
 quarter, year)
 - taking of inventory of computer technique of company
  we provide confidentiality