1c 7.7 Service

Accompaniment  of  1с 7.7  from  1999

- updating/ revision/ audit of stranger configurations
- construction of the up-diffused bases of URBD, MAUDE, csv...              
- CRM control system and control on 7.7
- application of mathematical models of optimization



   - creation of multilevel reports with
   by a horizontal  groupment                                    
   - auto dispatch of e - mail/ sms
   - encipherement of external/interdatas at
   to the help of 1с
   - optimization of speed of realization of documents
   - writing of registers of information on 7.7

Connection  with  other  programs

- automatic exchanges with the systems of SAP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision), Microsoft Dynamics AX, Galaxy, Sail ...
- connection of Asterisk + 1c (IP Telephony)              
- translation of enterprises on 1с 8 (with an auto by the transfer of all reference books and all bits and pieces)
- connection with EККА, scintiscanner, TCD (online/offline)


Revisions  of  interface

- optimization of input of information and work of documents
- revision of search and choice of information


- work without a weekend and holidays 7/24/365
- individual approach and skilled help
- preliminary free concordance of terms and cost
- we decide All tasks of Any complication!

Examples of our developments :