1C WMS Implementation

1С: WMS Logistic. Management by warehause 4.0 (Axelot, 1c 8.3)

- the system is intended for high-intensive warehouses trade, productive and 3pl companies working mainly with overall commodities (pallets-boxes-things). She is counted on the independent acceptance of greater part of operating decisions without some participation of controllers, due to realization of the best practices of work with high-intensive warehouses.


For 3pl  operators:

- tuning of the difficult systems and algorithms
- self-instructed carry of bits and pieces from the existent system of account (SAP, Navision, 1c...)
- connection of ТСD (consolidation of data of ТСD) - reception/moving/shipping...
- transfer of history for any period and organization web of access  to the remote users
- adaptation of the system to the local legislation


  Printing of documents :

  - printing of warehouse documents : ТТN, М- 11, INV- 3,
  ТОRG- 16, МХ- 1  and other
  - automatic printing of the additional article documentation
  (certificates, origins, instructions...) and labels of bar-codes
  - archive of documents, dispatch by e-mail
  - own templates of documents

Processing of data (additional modules) :

- auto-exchange by data with the registration systems of transferors (3pl, 1c web, Web report, ...)
- treatments of import of data from Excel, csv
- treatments on a handwork in the system (group hand moving, shipping on a local algorithm is new documents, registers)
- auto-exchange with an accounting registration method
- creation of up-diffused bases on technology of URBD


Information for users:

- raising/estimation of ТT
- support of users
- management of projects
- optimization of BP
- web interface for external transferors


- effective work of enterprise real-time
- high yield of automation of management by warehouse
- reliability and high exactness, and also flexibility in adjusting of processes of reception, placing, storages and subsequent shipping of commodities
- possibility of the flexible tuning under any requirements of Customer

Video brief review "1c: WMS" on warehouses of 3pl-operators :

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