1C Services (about)

 Sale of software products

- sale of software products of firm of 1С and similarly other  software


Introduction of the systems of  account on enterprises

- with the use of default configurations and/or configurations of own development on any platforms


 Setting of the programs of 1С

- modification of reports, and the reference books plugged in configuration
- development of new reports, reference books, documents
- change of existing and development of new algorithms of work of documents
- development of user interfaces
- differentiation and setting of rights for access
- creation of new configurations, contours


Сonsultations on work with the   programs of 1С

- consultations on work with the software products of "1С : Enterprise" (all versions)
- recommendation on the use of existent possibilities of the system
- consultations on drafting of accounting


Audit of the system of 1С, consultations on methodologies of account, circulation of documents

- development of new methodologies of account and circulation of documents
- optimization business of processes and charts of circulation of documents
- audit of the existent systems of account



  External independent Control and
  accompaniment of developments of   the third parties (companies of 1С)

  - external audit and advising of firm-
  developers on  introduction and accompaniment
  1С Enterprise
  - participating in joint projects

Updating of the programs of 1С of any  versions and configurations (including  stranger written with)

- plugs in itself updating of both default and unmodel configurations of databases of "1С : Enterprise", and also updating of platform of 1С


Updating of the regulated accounting

 - plugs in itself updating of the regulated accounting

Timely informing of Clients of exits  of new releases of the programs of  1С and accounting

- operatively we watch appearance of updating of
configurations and to the regulated accounting and
we inform you of it by means of distribution on Email



Variants of service :

- valid for one occasion departures
- work through remote service (on - line)
- subscriber service
- works on Requirement Specification (ТT) and drafting of ТT
- introduction of model and own developments

Support service